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The Chinese company Zhengzhou BODA Starch Machinery Engineering Technology Co. Ltd., established in 80’s, is an international company specialized in development, design, engineering and manufacturing equipment of concentrating drying and separating.

Multi-effect evaporator, bundle pipe dryer, air-flow dryer, spray dryer, hydro-cyclone and vacuum drum filter feature in the world-wide market.

We have developed counter-current continous ion-exchange system with the unique technology that runs without the need of a turnable.

Many of the world’s leading manufacturers have chosen BODA technology for their production of starch and ethanol, dairy and food products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, amino acids and vitamins. Some of these products are manufactured in a single plant, others in a fully engineered process line designed and installed by BODA in collaboration with leading equipment suppliers of world-wide.

BODA’s products, engineered process line and installation are designed for operational and environmental safety, featuring concepts that give the lowest energy consumption, while achieving the highest product qualities.

Substantial product and process know-how, commitment to customers and qualified staff have been important elements in creating the fine reputation enjoyed today. The company has achieved high market share in many industries, the most significant being for multi-effect evaporators, bundle pipe dryers, air-flow dryers, spray dryers, hydro-cyclones and vacuum drum filters supplied for starch, ethanol, and pharmaceutical.

Better performance at low cost, better product quality, high yield ratio of the products, lower power and water consumption are our product’s pursuit.
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